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Vanessa Oceguera  Dr. Bettye Underhill Memorial Scholarship

Vanessa Oceguera

Dr. Bettye Underhill Memorial Scholarship


Major: Child Development

Q. What does receiving a scholarship mean to you?
A. Receiving a scholarship means a great deal to me because it will help me reach my career.

Q. How is attending VVC changing your life?
A. Attending Victor Valley College has made me a better person emotionally and academically.

Q. What are your goals and dreams? And how is VVC helping you reach those goals?
A. My goal is to become a preschool teacher and show my kids that nothing is impossible in life.

Q. Why should someone give a scholarship to VVC?
A. I feel that it is important because it makes one feel special and helps them achieve their goals and dreams.

Q. Why should a student choose to attend VVC?
A. I fee lit is an amazing college because the teachers staff and counseling are very helpful. The college also has many resources to help anyone achieve their dreams.