Robert Kniss

"Number one, do right. Number two, do everything to the best of your ability. And number three, show people you care." - Lou Holtz

Robert "Bob" Kniss, the 2013 recipient of the Victor Valley College Foundation Alumni Hall of Fame award, choose to live by this quote from the famous "Do Right" speech. This notable philosophy from the famed football coach's 1980 speech is a great example of what he tries to achieve in every aspect of his life.

"Although I come up short from time to time, it's a simple philosophy that serves me well," Kniss said.

Kniss graduated from Victor Valley Community College with honors while working at Southern California Edison where he has been an employee for the past 25 years. After receiving his degree from VVC he went to the University of La Verne where he received his Bachelor's Degree in business. While pursuing his Bachelor's Degree, Kniss served on the Victor Valley College Foundation Board of Directors and became President in 2002. In these roles, he dedicated more than a decade to making friends and raising funds to help his community college alma mater. Kniss is also a Certified Energy Manager and Business Energy Professional, a member of the Edison Speakers Task Force, the Cement Industry Environmental Consortium, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

While he will receive this honor to award all his hard work and dedication after his graduation from VVC, it is those around him to whom he says he owes his achievements. A humbled recipient for this award, Robert recognizes that his accomplishments are a product of those he has met along his journey, beginning with his parents who he says are unwavering examples of kindness, generosity, self-discipline, and respect.

"Any success I enjoy is a by-product of good habits developed early in life and the result of imitating the people -- family, coworkers, clients, teachers, community partners -- I admire most," Kniss said.

Kniss is a proud member of the community, loving husband, and dedicated father. He also attributes his personal success to the love and support he receives from his wife, Judy Kniss who provides encouragement for Robert to be the best he can be every day.

"I'm more in love with her today than when we got married." Kniss said in regards to his wife. As a family man, he takes time out of his busy schedule to make sure he is there for his two sons, Jason (18) and Jimmy (16). Robert is very involved in the school that his children attend, Serrano High School. He is currently president of Serrano's track and field and cross country booster club.

"I have been enormously blessed with opportunities, both personal and professional. Although honored by the recognition, it is more a testament to the many people who have shaped and blessed my life." said Kniss.