Joe Zuccaro

While on safari, participants learn that the animal kingdom is subject to natural order and instinctive stages of life. There is a time that the lion cub is weaned from its mother and pushed out of the pride to thrive on its own. In a short period of time, the cub must learn to rely on its acquired education and inherited strengths. He must draw on the lessons learned in the pride and become the leader of his own family. In the case of the newest member of the Alumni Hall of Fame, Joe Zuccaro, who was once our cub, has applied his Victor Valley Community College education to its fullest and became a dominate influence in his field.

Mr. Zuccaro graduated from VVC with two A.S. degrees that prepared him to achieve his current position as a Deputy Fire Marshall with the Victorville Fire Department. He began his career as a Paid Call Firefighter 27 years ago and has steadily risen through the ranks. In 1991, he was selected to receive the "Firefighter of the Year Award" and five years later was recognized by the San Bernardino County Fire Chief's Association as the "Overachiever of the Year".

As a member of the Air Force Reserve, Mr. Zuccaro graduated from the Defense Department Photo School in Pensacola, Florida and served as a combat photographer at March Air Base in Riverside. He served the country for 17 years. HIis military duty has taken him many places around the world. He has made three trips to Antarctica to document military and scientific missions that included the last flight of the C 141 cargo plane to land on the ice continent.

Mr. Zuccaro is an internationally published photographer who has been printed in newspapers, calendars, billboards, and on the internet. He has served as the secretary and past president of the Desert Communities United Way. Zuccaro was a board member of the PAL Humane Society and is currently an advisor for their Explorer Post. He was also an explorer advisor with the Victorville Fire Explorer Post, a position he held for 10 years. He currently heads up the Juvenile Fire Setter Program at the Fire Department.

"The passion Joe demonstrates for the safety and well being of the community is unsurpassed," said Elizabeth Zuccaro, his wife. For this and many other reasons, Mr. Zuccaro has been selected as this year's inductee to the Victor Valley College Alumni Hall of Fame. He is a lion in his profession.