Willie Davis Pringle

Willie Davis Pringle was an important and crucial component for the community of the High Desert. His caring nature was especially evident towards the Victor Valley College family. That is why for the 2016 Alumni Hall of Fame we are extremely proud to welcome Willie Pringle and his legacy.

Mr. Pringle truly valued education and after attending Victor Valley College he attended Northern Arizona University on a scholarship. He then spent the rest of his life contributing time and energy toward future generation’s education. His wife, Mary Pringle, stated, “Willie worked at Victor Valley College for over 30 years. During that time, he’d seen the transformation of the college’s reputation from “Tumbleweed Tech” to a premier college in the state. As the old saying goes, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”

Students are now proud to attend Victor Valley College. Willie was proud to have had a small part in helping achieve the visions of past VVC boards. The College has been a wonderful resource for those desiring vocational skill training, and as a stepping stone in preparing our students for higher education. Its faculty and staff is a wealth of knowledge in preparing students to achieve their goals. Willie said that the faculty and staff try to prepare students in the hopes they will go out into the world and make the world a better place for the next generations.”

His hands reached and connected with so many students and families. He reached out by serving on multiple community boards such as, Excelsior Charter School, Victor Elementary School District, Victor Valley Federal Credit Union Advisory Board, Desert Valley Charitable Foundation, Disabled Student board, Hesperia Truancy Board, the City Victorville Advisory Boards and Planning Commission. Willie Pringle’s handwork did not go unnoticed through the years. The Daily Press selected him for one of the most influential African American men in the High Desert. The recognition continued with the Los Angeles County Alliance of Black School Educators (LACABSE) and the National Alliance of Black School Educators selecting him for a distinguished honor as an African American school board member who is addressing the educational needs of students. These awards went to a man who understood the true meaning of  “Students first”.

Willie Pringle was a member of the Kiwanis and Rotary club for quite sometime. His efforts in improving our community atmosphere lead to receiving the 2009 Hall of Fame recipient for community service. In 2012 he was recognized as an honoree of the Dreamers Visionaries Leaders organization.

Through his time with VVC, Willie Pringle played many roles. From Associate Student Body Council Activity Advisor to Athletic Director, head football coach, and finally Director of Students Services. With these positions under his belt he became the first recipient of the Student Services Employee-of-the-Year at Victor Valley College. This accomplishment truly went to a deserving man since some fondly referred to him as “Mr. VVC”.

A caring man through his life, Willie Pringle would help the Salvation Army serve meals to the homeless on Thanksgiving. His volunteering did not end there, devoting long hours as a member of the “chain-gang” for VVC and the Victor Valley Union High School District. When the San Bernardino County Fair held different events Willie Pringle was sure to be there, lending a hand wherever he’d be useful. Even after retiring in 2004 he was still present in the High Desert.

His presence in the community will be missed for generations. His wife, Mary Pringle, had this to say, “Willie would have felt very proud and honored to receive this recognition, because he knew there are a number of other outstanding human beings doing community work in the High Desert.” Willie Pringle’s community service and work for VVC will live on forever in the Alumni Hall of Fame.