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Alumni Hall of Fame Winners

Do you know a former student of Victor Valley College who has achieved success in their career or made a difference for their community? How about a community leader whose impact on the Victor Valley has improved the quality of life or changed education for the better? Now is the time to nominate them for one of the community’s most prestigious awards. The Victor Valley College Foundation will accept nominations for its annual Alumni Hall of Fame & Distinguished Service Awards through September 15, 2014.

Nominations for three specific categories of awards are currently open:
Alumni Hall of Fame
– honors a previous student who has completed their course of study and has achieved success in their career field.  The recipient of this award will have developed a reputation that reflects positively on Victor Valley College.

Distinguished Community Service – honors an individual who has made or is making a positive impact on communities within the Victor Valley Community College District.  The impact may be based on a single activity or in recognition of years of service.

Distinguished Education Service – honors an individual whose work, paid or volunteer, is improving or has improved educational opportunities for students within the Victor Valley Community College District.


Alumni Hall of Fame & Distinguished Service Award Winners

Alumni Hall of Fame
Supervisor James Ramos 2014
Robert Kniss 2013
Earl Bascom 2012
Kimberly Cox 2012
Monica Ortega 2011
Joe Zuccaro 2010
Suzanne Klein 2009
Suzanne Reid Hawley 2008
John McMahon 2007
Janie Phillips 2006
David Proulx 2005
Art Bishop 2004
Bill Postmus 2003
Kevin Porter 2002
Benton Lamson 2000
Danny Yoon 1999
Peggy Conlon 1998
Jack Harrison 1997
Brian McCormick 1996
Justin Congdon 1993
Charles Fore 1992
Gary Jacobs 1992
Lawrence Adams 1991
Rita Annabelle Johnson 1991
Grace Esquibel Morales 1991


Distinguished Service
Larry & Catherine Heywood 2014
Michele Spears 2014
Southern California Edison 2014
Jaye Tashima 2014
John Hardell 2013
Supervisor Robert Lovingood 2013
Joe Range 2013
Robert A. Sewell 2013
Virgil Barnes 2012
Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt 2012
Cherie Range 2012
Chuck Bell 2011
Don Ferrarese 2011
VVC Faculty 2011
Linda Mikels 2010
Carl Ross 2010
Caroll Yule 2010
Cal K-12 Construction 2009
Marcelino Garza 2009
Willie Pringle 2009
Michael Jasberg 2008
Sarah ShaBazz 2008
VVC Associated Student Body 2008
Jason Barker 2007
Patricia Mark 2007
Lee Tucker 2007
Daily Press 2006
Rebecca Kobold 2006
Tom Schibusch 2006
Bud Biggs 2005
Michael Klein 2005
Maxine Moore 2005
Margaret Diaz 2004
Larry Huber 2004
Bob Tinsley 2004
John Bascom 2003
Marlene Schneider 2003
Bill Thornton 2003
Lowell Bamford 2002
Beverly Pfrommer 2002
Michael Stevens 2002
Patricia Caldwell 2000
Beverly Dudley 2000
Irene Somerset Gould 2000
Marilyn Buttelwerth 1999
Glee Heikes 1999
Mary Lee Saunders 1999
Ralph Baker 1998
Donna Campbell 1998
Margaret Muir Cramer 1998
Ron Wilson 1998
Jean DeBlasis 1997
Rick Piercy 1997
Ron Rector 1997
Doris Davies 1996
Prem Reddy 1996
Frank Wells 1996
Terry Caldwell 1993
Reta Porter 1993
Rita Rutledge 1993
Dianna Pelletier 1993